(Opening hours depend on
regulations of the government)

Restaurant: general
conditions of reservation

  1. As a guarantee we ask all customers to book via CREDIT CARD, you can cancel your reservation at the RESTAURANT free of charge 24 hours before the date and time of booking. If you do not come to the reservation or arrive more than 15 minutes late you will lose the reservation and your credit card will be charged with the amount of 20 euros per person.
  2. If the number of diners (persons) presented in the reservation is less than the one informed, we reserve the right to understand it as a partial cancellation of the reservation, and it will be charged 20 euros per person who has not come, on the credit card provided.
  3. In the RESTAURANT we work with 2-hour shifts, clients with reservations that are booked after 22.30h can stay at the same table until the closing time if they like to. All clients with reservations before 22.30h have to make an extra reservation in a different area if they want to stay longer or leave the restaurant.
  4. You are making a reservation in the RESTAURANT and as such a minimum consumption of 20 euros per person will be required in the menu for lunch and dinner.
  5. Only a maximum of 2 credit cards per table will be accepted at checkout.
  6. The reservation will only be accepted if the person comes who made the reservation. We do not accept bookings from third parties Only a maximum of 2 credit cards per table will be accepted at checkout.
  7. lue Bar complies with all COVID19 standards. We have to remember you that you please come with your mask that you have to wear at all times, except when consuming.
  8. Blue Bar reserves all admission rights.

We are a Bar/Restaurant that has existed since the 90s and we do not demand special clothing, but we will not accept clients without t-shirt or bare torso, or clients with wet swimsuits, and you will also not be able to go to the establishment barefoot.

INFO: On Mondays there is live music, and on Sundays and Tuesdays we have the Alien Show. We do not guarantee that from every restaurant table you can see the event. To be able to see it, please book your table at our category Events (Link to Live Music, Alien Show) where you can watch the event on the front line.